Girl Guides Australia Adult Good Service Award Nomination - Bravery

The aim of the Bravery Awards are to recognise a member who has committed an act of bravery or heroism.

  • The nominee needs to have committed an act of bravery or heroism.

  • The application is to be made without the knowledge of the recipient.

  • It is the Proposer’s responsibility to ensure all information to support this nomination is included.

  • There is information to assist you to complete this form in short explanations beneath some questions and in Guide Lines.

  •  When completing this online form you may save and return to it at any time, you can make changes as necessary and leave blank any questions you are unable to complete.

Information about you

Information about the member you are nominating for a bravery award (the nominee).

Description of what happened

Tips for continuing to complete this form.

When asked for descriptions or examples please give the best example/s you can or write N/A for Not Applicable or leave the answer box blank.

Answer questions in a style that suits you! Dot points (begin your text with the star character or a dash),short sentences or papragraphs - the Awards Committee just want to know about the nominee and what happened.

Please compete the following questions:

If you witnessed the act please describe in your own words what happened in detail. Alternatively please summarise any eye witness accounts of what happened.

Witnesses / supporters

If there are other people who can provide additional information in support of this bravery award nomination please complete details below.  If there are no additional witnesses / supporters please leave the following questions blank.

Certificate and presentation

You are not expected to write the citation for the certificate! This is an opportunity for you to highlight any specific points you would like included in the citation.
It would be appreciated if the selected date was at least 2 months ahead from when the nomination is submitted.

Additional information to support nomination


Approval of Nomination by the State Commissioner

When you click on the submit button this nomination form will automatically be sent to the email address you type in here for processing.

State Commissioner to complete

Please sign using your mouse / keyboard mouse as your pen.
When you click on the 'submit' button this form will automatically be emailed to the Award's Chair using the email address you typed in

When you are satisfied that your part of the nomination process is complete, click the submit button and your nomination form will be automatically sent to the email address you nominated or to a relevant default email.

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