'Tell us what you are worried about' Form for Youth Members

Girl Guides cares about you and what happens to you. The safety and wellbeing of girls is very important to Girl Guides. If there is something you are worried about, we want to help. We promise to listen to you, to treat you kindly, take you seriously and support you. Girl Guides is a place where girls are safe, protected and respected.

Tell us about you

Or can you give us the mobile phone number of someone you trust?
Or can you give us the email of someone you trust?

Tell us about what is worrying you

You can call the Police on 000 or 131444 if you are not safe right now.

Who will we tell

Privacy Statement: Girl Guides is very careful about what we do with the information you give us – we have rules about sharing information. We will only tell people who need to know what you have told us so they can help you, support you, protect you or fix what is worrying you.